The Absolute Best Pancakes in New York

“The pancake at Vinegar Hill House nails it on every count. It’s served as a single unit that fills up an entire plate (though there are two sizes of it, and two correspondingly sized plates). It’s made with sourdough (from a decades-old starter) that gives it a subtle and pleasant tang, offset perfectly by a thin layer of sweet, sliced cooked pear. Best of all, it comes topped with a knob of creamy salted butter, pressed into a little dimple in the dough, and it’s already maple-syruped, positively soaked in it. It’s probably too much, but it tastes just right.”

- Grub Street

Potters In Protest: A Charity Dinner

Coverage from Potters in Protest: A Charity Dinner, hosted on Martin Luther King Day, to benefit The New York Immigration CoalitionCenter for Constitutional Rights and the Slyvia Rivera Law Projects.

Salad for President, 2016


We’re featured in Japan’s &Premium Magazine’s New York guide.

Hall of Fame of Hogs

“Is the Red Wattle America’s tastiest heritage breed?”

- Saveur Magazine, November 2016

Mean Yet Green

“The hunt for a greener grape leads to Beaujolais, where ‘natural wine’ is nothing nouveau”.

Written by Wine Director Bill Fitch, Fall 2010

- Above Magazine

Weekend Cooking: The Most Aromatic Herb-Roasted Pork Dish Ever

“Temperatures are dropping so why not spend the weekend indoors with this tender herb-roasted pork loin with flavorful salsa romesco? The brainchild of chef Michael Poiarkoff of the cozy Brooklyn-based eatery Vinegar Hill House, the rich dish will make you want to cozy up, stat. (Note: the dish requires preparation one day in advance, so consider making this a full weekend project. Trust us, it’s worth the effort for the heavenly aroma of tarragon, mint, and thyme wafting through your kitchen alone.)

Poiarkoff recently whipped up this gem at Local Fare BKLYN, a gastronomic event hosted on October 5 by Building on Brooklyn, a foundation that provides venues for local artists and artisans to create, exhibit, and engage with the community.”

- In Style

Island Time: For ideal summer wines, look towards the islands of the Mediterranean.

“Europe’s Mediterranean islands… conjure the sun baked, craggy-rock glamour of an Antonioni film.  But the sunny setting also produces memorable wines – and a new wave of imports from these outposts proves the wines can stand on their own merits, providing distinctive character and good value, and serving as go-to matches for the no-fuss outdoor fare of high summer.  ‘For me, it’s the most exciting thing in the wine world right now,’ says Bill Fitch [Wine Director at Vinegar Hill House]“.

Click here to read the full article and see Bill’s Island Wine recommendations. 

- Imbibe Magazine, July/August 2016

Why Wild, Chemical-Free, “Natural” Wines Are Taking the Industry by Storm

From Paris to Tokyo to Copenhagen to Brooklyn, wines made with little to no chemical intervention—so-called natural wines—are the toast of the cognoscenti.”

- Vogue


Working Lunch

Etsy’s twice-weekly staff meal, Eatsy, isn’t just lunch. It’s an accidental food business incubator

The New Food Economy 

How Etsy Eats

We’re happy to be a part of Etsy’s innovative food program!

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