Farmstead Cheese with jam, crackers      7 ea.

Fall Salad with roasted hazelnuts, castelrosso, apples     13

Melon Salad with stracciatella, sunflower seeds, fresno pepper      15

Chicken Liver Mousse with vinegar onion, pistachio       16

Charred Octopus with fairy tale eggplant, calabrian chili glaze      20

Cavatelli with pesto, tomato, broccoli rabe      21

Tagliatelle with red shrimp, uni, black lime      26

Cast Iron Chicken with shallot, marble potatoes, sherry vinegar jus      27

Market Fish with calamari ragout, summer corn, and preserved lemon      32

Red Wattle Country Chop with cherry mostardas, farro      34

Wood-fired Winter Squash with ricotta, thyme, pumpkin vinaigrette      10

Polenta Cornbread with honey butter      10