Farmstead Cheese with jam and crackers      7 ea.

Field Green Salad with avocado, radish, and buckwheat croutons     13

Roasted Beets with stracciatella, poppy seed, saba      14

Chicken Liver Mousse with vinegar onion and pistachio       16

Mussel Toast with pickled fennel & Calabrian chili aioli      16

Charred Octopus with roasted fennel, romesco, salmoriglio      20

Orecchiette with pesto, tomato, and broccoli rabe      21

Squid Ink Tajarin with nduja and clams      26

Cast Iron Chicken with shallot & sherry vinegar jus      27

Market Fish with calamari ragout, english peas, and preserved lemon      32

Red Wattle Country Chop with marble potatoes and mustar jus      34

Wood Fired Asparagus and bottarga      9

Murasaki Sweet Potatoes with labneh, pickled peppers, and za’atar      10

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